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Training Programs

… It all starts with a goal in mind

Whether you want to feel better, be more active, perform at your best or simply live a longer and much more enjoyable life, we can help.

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Regular exercise helps prevent and manage a wide range of health problems like stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, depression, various cancers.

Fat / Weight loss

Get a body that looks good on the outside while also being healthy on the inside. Let one of our body transformation specialists help you with that.


Are you making the most of every single day? Help us help you improve your energy levels and increase your fitness. Perform better, be your best.


Get back to your peak performance, we can work closely with your physiotherapist to make sure you return to exercise smart & safely.

Event specific

Wanna fit in that wedding dress? Preparing for an obstacle race? Planning a big trekking adventure? Let us help you prepare for it!

Personal Training

Did you try to hit the gym on your own but got overwhelmed and confused with all the equipment? Do you lack motivation and work better when you are accountable to someone – someone who can motivate you and help you reach your goals? Do you want to get into the best shape of your life, but don’t know where to start? Then our Personal Training service is the right solution for you. Our Personal Trainers are highly experienced fitness professionals with a wealth of knowledge and successful track record of delivering results.


Online Coaching

Is Personal Training out of your budget but would really like to have someone to help you, motivate you and coach you to get the results you desire? Then our Online Coaching service, charged at a fraction of the cost of regular 1on1 Personal training is the right option for you.
Let us help you transform your body and reach your goals. You can access the program anytime anywhere thanks to our sophisticated app accessible on your mobile and your web browser. Along with access to the training program, you’ll get to reach out to one of our dedicated coaches for consultation any time you get stuck and get advice on nutrition, program updates, and training tips to make sure you’re progressing in the right direction.


Semi Private Training

With all the personal attention of one-on-one personal training but with the added fun of friendly competition. VITFIT Semi-Private Personal Training is a great way to get results whilst sharing the journey with other 2-3 friends, you know. Find a workmate, friend, partner or a family member with similar fitness goals and inspire each other as you progress.


Corporate Team Training

Do you work in a workplace that could do with some extra team spirit? We offer structured team building, physical training experience to groups of 8 people+. Each workout focuses on getting everyone fit & healthy and incorporates various fun, challenging drills that whole team participates at to score a point based on their team efforts (just like those KPIs at work). Each point accumulates towards overall score which can then be compared to all other teams in your organization, who are participating in the program.


Outdoor Bootcamp

If you are looking for a local and effective way to lose fat, get fit and have heaps of fun doing it, check out our Outdoor Bootcamp program! This is a structured group personal training to help you get results you want without breaking the bank. Each workout is done in great outdoors, in a local public park near you (check our locations).