Well then…. this short 30 mins workshop might be for you if you want to:

  • Get more work done in a less time (stamina, mental clarity, sharper mind)

  • Reduce lower back pain and achieve stronger healthier body

  • Achieve long lasting Fat loss overall and around your gut

  • Perform better at being “Desk Athlete” and beyond ?

  • Learn about effective training methods

  • Move better (increased mobility)

Presented by

Vit Muller:

Vit is a fitness professional with over 7 years of experience in the industry. His passion is helping people to achieve long lasting active, healthy and happy lifestyle.

Vit is experienced in a successful setup of new fitness initiatives, implementation of standard operating procedures and effective systems. He is creative, results driven and passionate entrepreneur.

His training clients range from exercise beginners needing to improve their general health & fitness, needing to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass, through to fit individuals involved in preparation for challenging physical events like triathlons, adventure runs/obstacle courses and other life challenging events.

Vit’s approach to exercise is focused on functional training and pain-free full range of motion during each and every workout, resulting in all round physical fitness.

In the past lecturing at the Australian College of Sport & Fitness, helping to prepare Australia’s future generation of fitness professionals.

“I’m on a mission to increase physical activity in modern society. “Vita

Who is this for?

This workshop is for anyone currently feeling like there is more out of life but not experiencing the difference themselves. If you want to improve your lifestyle, become more active, healthy and happy, swap for better habits that really change and make a bigger impact on how you feel each and every day, then this Workshop is definitely for you and we highly recommend, you should make your best effort to attend this.

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